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Mike Willbur, Veteran Counseling

Quick Overview of Mike Willbur's Expertise


Mike Willbur is an expert in treating those afflicted with PTSD. His 24 years of military service and years of working with Veterans Affairs has equipped him to advocate for those in need of VA services as well.

He completed training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and he is also the author of More Than Domestic Violence, a fatality review of the murder of five children by their own father.


Mission, vision & values


To Serve

Promising to all clients (attorneys, those they represent and all who see help):

  • Unbiased and professional service
  • Unimpeachable reports
  • Unassailable mental health evaluations
  • Irreproachable domestic violence forensic evaluations

To Improve Family Life

Curbing violence in Clark County homes through an intelligent application of knowledge and expertly facilitated domestic violence (DV) treatment programs.

Participating in the coordinated community response to this issue.

Ensuring evaluations provide the valuable information stakeholders need to curb violence in the home.


To Protect Dignity

Valuing professional relationships, thus always putting patient/client needs at the front of the line—first and foremost—by:

  • Refusing to do harm in treatment
  • Staying updated on all available treatment modalities
  • Seeking that which will help us help our clients


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