Memorial to 5 Familicide Victims

Memorial to 5 Familicide Victims

This video memorializes the lives of our grandchildren who were murdered by their father – familicide victims during weekend visitation.

The father wasn't a sociopath or a crazy man—at least not in the way we usually think of these things. Rather, he was a father whose fear he'd lost control and –depression culminated in this dastardly crime.

Domestic violence arose in this case from poor coping skills and the belief that women had a place beneath him. His failed marriage was a blow too great for this father to reconcile.

As you watch this video, realize that this can happen to any family.

Thoughts on What Happened

  • Questions of Suicide and Motives
    Is it suicide that is really sought out by the person who just died by his or her own hand? Or is suicide the tool used to stop the pain that is somehow induced into their already miserable existence? In the case of Tuan Dao, if we look closer into his life, we can arrive at the conclusion he was...
  • Familicide
    Filicide-Suicide (the deliberate act of a parent killing their own child or children while subsequently taking their own life) is usually an extremely unpredictable act; one that is not anticipated by reasonable minds and one that is committed by a mentally deluded individual. Efforts to rationalize this tragic and outrageous behavior are often attempted by blaming someone else other...


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