What I Do

Mental Health Evaluations

Mental Health evaluations are therapeutic in nature and are not focused on the forensics. Rather this evaluation focuses on assessing your mental health status. A mental health evaluation may include:

  • Reviewing medical documentation
  • Objective testing such as an assortment of mental health inventories
  • Taking a family history

This information assists me with establishing a fair diagnosis of the condition of your mental health.

Domestic Violence Evaluations

Domestic Violence (DV) evaluations are not the same as mental health evaluations, because a DV evaluation is forensic in nature. It does not offer up a diagnosis about mental health. Rather it's function is to to determine the presence of a domestic violence situation, and if so, to evaluate whether your are amenable to treatment. Read more.

Domestic Violence Treatment

A domestic violence perpetrator treatment program must focus treatment primarily on ending the participant's physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. The primary goal of a domestic violence perpetrator treatment program must be to increase the victim's safety. Read more.

Trauma Counseling

I offer PTSD counseling to most anyone; however, my specialty is military trauma. I use an eclectic approach to trauma counseling which includes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other related Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I use insights gained from my own personal combat experiences to help you with the processing of trauma memories based on combat or other military experiences.

Forensic Evaluations / Counseling

Forensic evaluations are a cousin to therapeutic evaluations. During a forensic evaluation, I seek to uncover the details of the case so the defending attorney is able to represent you effectively.



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