Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a behavior—not a mental health condition. It is the term the justice system attaches to an assault charge if the assault involves an intimate partner or someone who is cohabiting, though not necessarily an intimate partner.

Domestic Violence usually encompasses an imbalance of power in a household with one person having malignant control over a victim. This doesn't necessarily mean someone is being physical over another. Rather, it can actually be the way one person controls another.

What makes power and control so negative is that it never is something mutually agreed upon and is usually accompanied by heavy manipulation, family isolation, sexually assaultive behavior, jealous behavior, etc. This all occurs because the needs of the controlling person trump all else.

Domestic Violence is most difficult to treat because it's a habitual behavior. Before change can take place, the perpetrator of DV must acknowledge the behavior, and even when the need for change is embraced, it takes practice to extinguish habitual behaviors.

Healthy Decisions

We recognize how challenging it can be to see your behavior as those around you do. However, if you complete the year-long domestic violence treatment program, you may find yourself far more secure in the love and respect of those closest to you than you are today.

Safher Solutions

Safher Solutions is an organization focused on helping women stay safe. They offer Women’s Safety Coaching Classes.

Forms for Veterans and Non-Veterans

Downloading and filling out the Domestic Violence Intake Packet is an essential part of entering our DV Treatment Program. Download DV Intake Packet.

Forms for Veterans

The Veteran's Administration requires the VA Release of Information form before it will share your VA records. Download VA ROI form.

This release form allows us to exchange information with attorneys and other providers outside the VA. Download Release Form.

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